Our Commitment to Safety

The Missner Group has an uncompromising approach to safety in both our field operations and corporate offices. We place unprecedented value on the safety of our employees, in addition to those working alongside us or on our behalf.  The Missner Group’s successful safety program is evident through its enviable track record spanning over 70 years of implementation.

Our Commitment to Quality

At the Missner Group, we deliver quality work alongside quality people. Our company recognizes that there are other firms to employ for your project, which is why our team dedicates itself to excellence on every project. What makes our team unique is we take the time to fully understand preparatory information linked to your project and establish a job culture, which far exceeds our clients’ expectations. Our hands-on team is sure to continuously follow-up upon completion to reassure our clients remain satisfied with the project we put our name on alongside yours.

Our Commitment to Health & Wellness

The Missner Group has invested in the company’s most valuable asset, its employees, by designing a comprehensive health and wellness program to encourage our employees and their families to adopt healthier lifestyles and to take preventative measures to increase their overall health. Our company recognizes that healthy employees are happy employees and implementation of this health and wellness program will lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, boost the overall morale,  which will ultimately leave us with happier clients.

Our Commitment to Community

The Missner Group acknowledges that companies who give back are companies that move forward. For this reason, The Missner Group has established a comprehensive community giving program through which the company and their employees can support causes that align with the company's mission and values and which our employees care about most. The company owners understand the value of giving their employees the opportunity to give back to their communities. We have had the pleasure to give back to numerous different causes and in return, those organizations have left us with a memorable, lifelong impact.