As a general contractor, The Missner Group can build any number of facilities ranging from large industrial/distribution buildings to highly specialized medical and specialty facilities. Typically, the most straightforward part of any project, regardless of size and scope, is the actual construction itself. It’s what precedes the physical construction, often referred to as Pre-construction, that most significantly influence the success of the project and is typically where more time is spent, this is where The Missner Group surpasses its competition. Regardless of the level of complexities and the many layers involved in the coordination of a project, The Missner Group tirelessly serves as the project advocate until the desired results are achieved. The Missner Group is also dedicated to achieving the most efficient and cost-effective design that best optimizes the client’s goals and requirements.



Since 1945, The Missner Group has been recognized as one of Chicagoland's most prestigious full-service general contractors. Through the years, the firm has built a network of relationships with the many entities associated with the construction industry. The Missner Group has worked alongside a diverse network of architects, engineers, and sub-contractors from the various projects the firm has been a part of. An additional benefit to The Missner Group is its longstanding and deeply rooted relationships with the numerous municipalities the firm has worked in. The Missner Group has completed in excess of $1.5 billion in construction, which includes projects in the office and industrial sectors, healthcare, pharmaceutical, food service, automotive, retail and specialty markets throughout the Chicagoland area.



Since 1972, The Missner Group has orchestrated the development of over 10 million square feet of real estate, including build-to-suits, redevelopments, speculative projects and existing building acquisitions. The Missner Group's developments consist of an extensive compilation of projects, ranging from 20,000 square feet to 500,000 square feet, which have included a variety of industrial, office, medical, retail and technology buildings. The success of The Missner Group is attributable to the expansive real estate expertise of the organization and its long-established relationships with those affiliated with the real estate, finance, and construction industries.



The Missner Group manages a real estate portfolio valued near $200 million. The in-house property/asset management, accounting and expert construction services staff allow for seamless and accurate reporting and accountability at every level. The hands-on and proactive approach to property and asset management leads to better tenant retention and long-term client relationships. The Missner Group's diversified mix of properties includes office, medical, industrial and retail properties throughout the Midwest.