CEO, Barry Missner, joins as panelist for Chicago State of the Market Conference

Our CEO, Barry Missner, joined panelists at Bisnow Chicago's State of the Market Conference this week. He served on a panel discussing the outlook of Chicago's office development. The discussion focused on the impact of office development due to the state's fiscal mismanagement, as well as recent labor costs and shortages. Though it's hard financially to make these developments work, there remains a strong demand of companies looking to relocate to Chicago due to its many attractive conveniences. 

Additionally, the panel discussed the shift of "traditional" office space. Now with tenants expecting a lot in terms of office amenities, it is imperative to be sure office properties have not most - but all of the amenities desired by modern tenants. Examples include uninterrupted cell and WiFi coverage from the garage to the rooftop, and common area usage.

The event also touched on hospitality, entertainment and Chicago's capital markets. Read more at: