A Letter From Our President: Introducing TMG's New Website

Dear Clients, Partners, & Friends, 

On behalf of The Missner Group, I am elated to introduce our all new website. Like any innovative real estate or construction project we engage in, significant time, effort, planning, design and construction went into the building of our new site. We hope that with its new structure, layout features, and resources, visitors will find the site more intuitive to navigate and have a better understanding of who we are at The Missner Group. 

The goal of the new Missner Group website is to more accurately convey our history, wealth of experience, and the current happenings at our organization in a far more modern and accessible way. Our site has been optimized to be more compatible with smart phones, tablets, and modern technology. We feel that we have optimized the design platform for a far more pleasurable experience. 

The redesign process was both exciting and challenging. Our team wanted to make certain we would be providing our viewers with important information, easy navigation and terrific content. The two center pieces in this process, working tirelessly from inception to launch date were Allison Heraty, our Director of Marketing and Communications, and our tech-savvy summer intern, Paolo Palacios. 

There are many new features to the new Missner Group website. Those that are not new have been updated and refined for a more pleasant experience. Our “current projects” page is one of the pages we are most excited about and has been polished significantly to give you the most up to date information on these projects.

Additionally, our new “portfolio page” is truly a great montage of our achievements over our 70 plus years in business and I think, our most colorful page. Unlike our last website, we are introducing the entire Missner family of employees as these are the people that make everything happen at our organization and people you should know. 

Please also take a moment to view the “our commitment” page listed under the “our company” header, which is an expression as an organization of what’s truly important to all of us, from job and workplace safety, to giving back to our communities. Our social media page has now been consolidated to give you all the latest and greatest stuff, not only here at The Missner Group, but up to date insight on our industry as a whole. 

On behalf of everyone here at The Missner Group, thank you for allocating your valuable time to checking out what we think is our new “kick ass” website. We would love for you to let us know what you think and welcome your feedback. 


Glen Missner, President